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Perfection in Steel Construction for more than 40 years

Source: Wolfgang Sitter,
Combining know-how, quality and reliability, we construct, produce, deliver and assemble tunnel formwork all over the world.

In addition, we develop individual and innovative steel solutions in cooperation with our clients.

We do all of this with a constant focus on economic fairness, security and service orientation. Concentrating on the steel industry throughout the years, we have acquired wide experience, which will ultimately benefit your productivity and safety.

We are a member of the HINTEREGGER group and combine our expertise with our associate’s know-how, which enables us to provide state-of-the-art technical solutions. Our business relation with HINTEREGGER BAU, experts for underground construction and concrete, gives us access to in-the-field knowledge and user-feedback, which helps us to better our understanding of our clients’ needs.

Welcome to the world of innovative steel construction!
Welcome to the world of Fehberger!

For us, steel construction to the verge of what is possible means state-of the-art steel construction, inseparably tied to top quality and safety. That is why our formwork is designed to increase concrete quality.

Our elaborated constructions are a decisive factor for the productivity of your construction projects. Save and reliable technical solutions are highly important, especially in the workaday life in tunneling.


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Our Projects

Koralmtunnel KAT2
Koralmtunnel KAT2
Arlbergtunnel ASAB
Arlbergtunnel ASAB
40 Years of Fehberger